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Double Air Bed

Double Air Bed: Use A Raised Air Mattress to Replicate Sleeping In A Regular Sized Bed

A double air bed, or raised bed, is great way to get a better sleeping experience while using an air mattress. A raised or double high air bed is a double chambered air mattress that replicates the box spring and mattress effect. While the top chamber acts as your mattress, the bottom chamber will act as the box springs you would typically have with any bed.

Double Air Beds

The name double may also be used to describe a full size air mattress on some sites like Amazon. The double air bed is great for camping out in the woods or even in your own living room. You can get a hand held, battery or electric pump included with some of these models as well. It is always recommended that you get at least the models with a battery operated air pump for quicker inflation. Otherwise, you will either be blowing this up manually or with a hand pump, both of which are tiring and very time consuming. There are many air bed makers who carry the double air bed or raised model, so you should have no problem finding the perfect double air bed for your needs.

Coleman Double High Air Bed

The Coleman Double High Air Mattress is one of the best double air bed models you can find on the market. You can get them in twin and queen sizes and they even include an electric pump for easy inflation. This double air mattress has leak free protection with the double lock valve, and includes the wrap and roll system, like most Coleman air mattresses, for easy and hassle free storage. Depending on the size of air mattress you need, these models can be found for $30 to $70. You may even be able to take advantage of promotions on sites like Amazon to even get free shipping on your air bed.

Intex Recreation Double Air Bed

The Intex Recreation double air bed is also a good selection when it comes to raised air mattress options. Most all of Intex’s products are raised beds so they are true experts in making quality air beds. Any Intex model will typically run you $50 to $70 but you may be able to take advantage of used or refurbished models to save money when shopping at Amazon.com. Any fitted sheet will fit over this model and it even has switches to adjust the air level for maximum comfort. This double air bed holds two to three adults comfortably and includes a bag for easy carrying and storage.

Boyd Simmons Beautyrest Skyrise Double Air Bed

If price isn’t really a deciding factor, check out the Boyd Simmons Beautyrest Skyrise double air bed. It is specially designed to support your body like a traditional bed and has raised edges to prevent you from rolling off. It is durably made to prevent sagging and swaying too much so you can be comfortable all night. A new or used model of the Beauty Rest Sky Rise will run you around $100 or more, but check out the ones available on Amazon to take advantage of some great savings. You can even read reviews of each of these products to help you decide on which new double air beds or raised air mattresses will work best for you. 


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