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Welcome to our Raised Air Mattress website. Here you will be able to find the suppliers of all types of raised air mattresses. Throughout our site, you can review the different sizes and styles of raised air mattresses that interest you.

When you are looking for a quality raised air mattress, you want to be sure you look at a variety of different manufacturers. Some of the common raised air mattress brands include: Intex, Coleman, Aerobed, and Wenzel. Make sure you review the features of each raised air mattress you look at so that you can end up sleeping like a baby.

There are many options available when trying to select a quality raised air mattress, so be sure to look through all of our raised air mattress reviews to help you make the best choice possible.

Wenzel Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattresses

Wenzel Insta-Beds are raised air mattresses that are extremely comfortable. Raised, or double high, simply means the bed is taller than the standard single mattress and typically acts as a box spring and mattress combo like your regular bed. This adds much more comfort and support whether your camping in the mountains or in your living room.

These raised air mattress models comes with a pump for easy inflation and they also have tiny grips at the bottom to ensure your air bed doesn’t scoot across the floor all night. They are one of the most durable and practical air bed models available on sites like Amazon. Although you can expect to pay $100 or more for these air mattresses, you can expect to get more than your money's worth in comfort and ease of use.

Intex Raised Downy Queen Raised Air Mattress with Built-in Electric Pump

This Intex Queen Raised Air Mattress features dual chamber construction and a waterproof flocked top. It measures 60" x 80" x22" and the Air Mattressmattress top has a really luxurious feel to it which will help you get a great night's sleep. It has indented sides to allow fitted sheets to fit nice and snug and its dual chamber construction provides extra support and firmness for your body.

This Intex raised air mattress comes with a 120V electric pump to make inflation and deflation a snap. A duffel bag with should straps means you take carry and store your Intex raised air mattress with ease.

Coleman Quickbed Raised Air Mattress (Queen)

Air BedThis tall Coleman Queen Sized Raised Air Mattress will conveniently fit deep pocket sheets. The airbed has a soft suede top to help you get a comfortable good night's sleep every time. Don't overlook its exclusive PVC formula which makes it 15% more puncture resistant than other popular brands of raised air mattresses.

This Coleman airbed measures 78" x 60" x 17" and includes an extra wide double lock valves that make inflation and deflation a breeze. Be sure to check out any of the Coleman air beds when you are considering a new raised air mattress. Coleman offers various king, queen, and twin size air mattresses that are great for camping and even as an extra bed at home.


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